What is the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme – VTOS

The Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) was established to provide a range of courses to meet the education and training needs of unemployed people.  It gives participants opportunities to improve their general level of education, gain certification, develop their skills and prepare for employment, self-employment and further education and training. The range of learning options is delivered in an adult friendly environment.  VTOS has an excellent reputation for quality training and is geared to meet the needs of the adult learner.

Benefits of VTOS: 

  • Students have the opportunity to participate in full-time education in an adult environment.
  • Students have the opportunities to gain recognised qualifications which can allow them to follow on to further education and/or employment.
  • Students have the benefit of receiving additional 1-1/group supports.
  • Students have the opportunity to engage with the Carlow Adult Educational Guidance and Information Service.
  • Work Experience opportunities are available
  • Courses are student centered.
  • Courses and books (where applicable) are provided free of charge.
  • Students retain Social Welfare payments.
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